By the river, all March long 


Tacos & margys: the ultimate duo!


We had so much fun with Margarita Week that we decided to dedicate March to tacos and margys! 




-Tacos - 


Beer battered fish 

Cabbage slaw, jalapeƱo, tartare sauce, lemon 


Pulled pork 

Pickled cabbage, chipotle mayo, crispy shallots 


Fried cauliflower 

Crispy crumbed cauliflower, pickles, red and white cabbage, carrots, spring onions and mojo dressing 


- Margys - 



Patron Silver, Cointreau, lime 


Spicy Pina

Patron Silver, lime, agave, pineapple shrub, chilli 


Watermelon & Yuzu 

Patron Silver, watermelon, yuzu 


Head down to the river and get around it until March 31!