Here at Riverbar and Kitchen we understand that you don’t have to be an expert on something to simply like it.


Like us, we love our morning sunrises over the Story Bridge, we love how we feel being next to the water every day, and we especially love the way the fairy lights and stars at night get us in the mood for an adult beverage or two, but by no means would we be experts on all of the details of each of these moments.


This is why we have put together a little guide on how to sound fancy when drinking and ordering wine so you can impress your friends.




Tip 1


A good word to remember is Body. Spanning from light to full, when we mention body we are typically talking about the alcohol level. Swirl the wine around your glass to fine out how many “legs” it has. The more legs, the full-bodied it is. It also comes down to taste, the longer it lingers, the more full-bodied it is.



Tip 2


When we say a wine is Dry we are commenting on how little sugar you can taste. If you are drinking a wine and noting there is an absence of sugar, you can safely say it is a dry wine.



Tip 3


When we talk about acidity we are describing the element of the taste that wine gives in the mouth. Acidity can be fresh, tart or sour. If a wine is high in acidity it makes a wine taste too sour or tart, if it is low in acidity it makes the wine taste dull and flat. Whether or not your wine level of devotion is set to casual drinker, wino, or master sommelier, we all have one delicious thing in common, we all love wine.




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