The term “al fresco” in Italian means “in the cool air”, and eating in the cool air is definitely how we like to approach life. Also since we have the Italians to thank for pizza and pasta, we know they know a thing or two about meal time so we believe eating under the stars has got to be good for your soul.





The first reason to eat under the stars is because it’s cool, both literally and metaphorically. Dining at a trendy venue that has al fresco dining instantly adds a special something to a meal. This works into reason number two which is that dining under the stars enhances the atmosphere of your dining experience.





We know that if given the choice we would much prefer to feel free and embrace our surroundings, and that energy can do wonders to the enjoyment of your evening.





Reason number three is all about the lovely weather we are lucky to experience here in Queensland, why not make the most of it and get out of the air-conditioning because spending too long in air-con can be bad for your skin, lungs and health.





Reason number 4 is because it’s in our blood as Australians, we love eating outside and most of us tend to agree it makes the food taste better. Whether it’s a BBQ, patio or food market, adding a little bit of fresh breeze to your meal makes all the difference.





The last reason to eat under the stars is because it is more relaxed and romantic, nothing sets the mood on a first date better than being in the open air because a stuffy restaurant doesn’t exactly scream romance.